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WHO       IS 

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TH!S is Mike Sherrill:


Co Owner - Design Monster
40 (thinks hes 36) | Denver, Colorado

What do you Specialize in at TH!S ?

I'm the Lead Graphic Designer, I will be your guide

    for any and all things Stickers! Im a muralist,

      with expertise in illustrations, logo creations,

                     and also a daily stoke bringer.

Where did your journey begin as an Artist?

I've always been doing art as a personal endeavor, but going to art school at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design was where I saw the potential to make art for a living. 

What Influences your work?

Graffiti art, Outer Space, Robots, mosters, skeletons, animals...

Tell us about a time you were proud of TH!S

Doing the band rooms and murals at the Gothic, Ogden, & bluebird theatre. Along with the installation at First Bank center... The art turned out amazing and those places have been a staple to help grow TH!S and collab more with the music industry.

What are some hobbies you have?

I enjoy family time, Vintage toy collecting, Fingerboarding, RC Cars, and snowboarding 


Girl Scout Cookie? 


Fav Band?

Run the Jewels

Geometric installation @ First Bank Center

Fav trick?


Perfect Saturday?

Hangin with the family

What's in store for your Future at TH!S ?

I just want to keep creating awesome art and grow with good people

Weapon for a zombie apocalypse?

Katana - Nich once said "guns run outta bullets, but swords don't run outta cuts..."


TH!S is Mitch Farrer:

Co Owner - Printing Jedi 
35 | Littleton, Colorado

What Influences your work? 

Pop Culture, animals,

the human figure,


What do you Specialize in at TH!S ?

I'm the screen printing expert and the head of production, I also do graphic design work for my clients and can give you any details on the process of making a quality printed garment. A lesser known trait of mine is animal whispering. 

Tell us about a memorable experience from THIS ?

The 1550 market street mural was super fun, it was one of the biggest murals we've had, a lot of fun-late nights went down with a really good crew.

Looking back and thinking about the whole process it feels really good to nail something of that size. 

What are some hobbies you have?

Drinking wine, swinging golf, snowboarding, listening to comedy, playing with my dog Maybel

Fav Band?



Fav Movie?

Pulp Fiction

Fav Trick?

Lofty back 180

One word to describe your friends?


Your future goals at TH!S ?

Grow the company, do more fun murals, & come up with designs and artwork that a lot of people enjoy.

TH!S is Chris Metz:

Illustration Expert / DJ
30 | Denver, Colorado

What do you Specialize in at TH!S ?

I run the printers. So any stickers, decals, art prints or transfer sheets go through me! When I have down time between print jobs I work on creating new stickers and designs for our brand and fingerboard shop.

What are some hobbies you have?

When I have free time, I love skateboarding and fingerboarding, of course! I am a Hip Hop producer and DJ, making beats in my MPC 1000 and DJing our events as well as around town. I am also studying illustration and graphic design at RMCAD, so most of my free tie is spent omn school work.


What Influences your work? 

My style is influenced my 90s and 00s Hip Hop, skateboarding and street culture. 

Perfect Saturday?

No Work! 

Sleep in, Make some beats, Go skate. Then have a cookout at the crib and fingerboard with the homies. 

Fav Movie?

BaseketBall is a cinematic masterpiece. 

What is something from TH!S you are proud of?

I've made a few fingerboard graphics that everyone seems to be pretty stoked on. It was awesome to see my first board graphic go into production! Now I have a small collection of the boards I have designed and I cant wait to see it grow!

One word to describe your friends?


Fav Trick?

Nollie Flip

Future Goals? 

I am really excited to help TH!S expand and grow into the future! We have some big ideas and I want to see all the homies succeed. It will take some time and effort, but I believe we can all come together to collectively take over the world!

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